ILIFE is where the home is
We love family, home and let alone our lovely pets. It's the best irreplaceable part in the world. We try to make it more clean and comfortable that we feel relax and safe. Hence, we concentrate on the issues caused by dirt and tangled particles hard to clean; pet shedding and indoor allergens hidden in home that bother us.

Home could never be better.

ILIFE is one of the leading consumer robot companies, designs and makes robots that help people to enjoy a cleaning home in a more efficient and easier way. For over 10 years, it’s our honor that more than 10 millions of families around the world live more easily and harvested those happiness with ILIFE products. And this is only the beginning.

With ILIFE's competitive products ranged from Powerful & Smart Cleaning partner series and Friendly & Multiple Cleaning helper series, could simply satisfy you with a cleaning home that you dreamed to spend your life with. Leave more time for your family time, leave more time to be yourself.