Smarter hybrid vacuuming & mopping robot

Meet V7s Pro
Tackles debris, stains and dirts for various rooms and large spaces.

Why an ordinary robot vacuum clean less effectivly large house with nasties like grimes and stains?

It takes long time and needs frequent chargings, while the robot can only vacuum or mop.
V7s Pro vacuums and mops the large house more effectively with its bigger updated parts.

One robot, two cleaning patterns

V7s Pro is updated with two cleaning patterns, vacuuming and mopping.
Vacuuming with combo brush, dirt and dust are easily rolled up and sucked into the dust bin.
Mopping with microfiber cloth, stains and grimes are wiped off effectivly.

Bigger parts, better performance

RoadRover wheels

RoadRover wheels, 20 percent
larger than V7, easily climb 15°
slope and overcome most

Microfiber cloth

Extra large 77.5 microfiber
cloth, protects surfaces, wipes
stains and dirts off powerfully.

Water tank and dust bin

450ML dust bin and water tank,
twice larger than other robots,
cover a cleaning area over 2100 Sqft.

Larger spaces, more effective

With the bigger parts, V7s Pro can vacuum and mop dust, grimes and stains which hidden in
kitchens and other large spaces more effectivly.

i-Dropping Technology

i-Dropping technology water tank intelligently enables precise wet mopping once the robot moves and stops
water dropping when robot stay still. This helps greatly to keep the balance of the water consumption and
keep preventing any existing danger by over watering to the robot vacuum.

Smart dust bin detection technology

Smart dust bin detection technology alerts you incase the
dust bin is forgotten to be inserted, it prevents the robot
from sucking dirts into the body to cause demage.

Multiple cleaning modes

4 cleaning modes suit for different needs. Auto mode for cleaning automatically, edge mode for
corners and edges, spot mode for a focused area, schedule mode for setting a cleaning plan.

Auto Charge & Resume

V7s pro works up to 140 mins, then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors and low profile design enable V7s Pro to clean under most furniture and avoid stairs and drop-offs.